Wednesday, 20 August 2008


There's just over a week to go until the deadline for the 4Talent Awards. The main restriction is that all entrants must be 30 or under on 31/12/2008, and a resident of the UK. So if that's not you, there's probably not much point reading on.

But if you do qualify, click on the link and get involved with this scheme. There are 20 categories ranging from writing, directing and performance.

I can't stress the importance of entering competitions enough. If you haven't got a track record, or an agent, it's hard to get read. And even if you do get someone to accept and read your script, it's still hard to get a break. But in competitions, all entrants are created equal! You will stand or fall by your submission. So make it a good one.

There are three big competitions coming up in September, Kaos Films, Rise Summer Challenge and Red Planet Prize, and I will be talking about them a bit more soon. But click on the links, find out more, and enter them all if you can!

My submission to the 4Talent Dramatic Writing category went off today. Fingers crossed!

Good luck everyone.


toby said...

Jez - How arrogant/noble of you to invite the competition to join the competition. I can't help but think you will feel like a right plonker if the eventual winner of one such competition, when asked what prompted he or she to enter in the first place responds: "I was going to pack in screenwriting for good, then I came across this tip off from Jez Freedman"....sickner.

Jez Freedman said...

did someone say finders fee

Reubs said...

I never thought of myself as much of a screenwriter, but since you alerted me to this competition, I thought about having a stab..see you in the final Jez !

p.s good work on the blog