Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Argh, my interenet at home is down and computer not working properly. So I was scrambling around like an idiot yesterday, borrowing the facilities of friends and family, putting the finishing touches on my KAOS films entry.

It's weird though that everything can stop cos one machine bugges up. A friend of mine's computer packed up the other week and he lost two days work - which is insane when you think about it!

I have often wondered about the merits of working with a pen and notepad a little more than I do and this has reaffirmed it!

I do hope normal service will be resumed soon...


Lisa said...

I have to admit, I do write most of my things long hand first. The joy of working in a museum is that I get put on lone working a lot and because they don't care what you do (short of dancing on the desk wearing nipple tassles)so long as the place is secure and you sell the odd bit of tat to the tourists, I use the time to write.

Computers are fantastic but they are a right royal pain in the bum when they go wrong and it's worrying that we are now so reliant on them.

Jez Freedman said...

have always been against the no nipple tassle rule - it's all the poorer for it

Lisa said...

I do feel that museums in particular would benefit greatly from the odd bout of spontaneous nipple twirling but I appear to be in a minority