Monday, 20 October 2008


So from the Jewish New Year, there is basically a month of festivals. Which is very nice indeed. But add that to the normal weekly Saturday Sabbath, when we don't work, it means every time you turn round it's time to put your pens down and laptops away. Not helpful for building work momentum but that's ok.

Alas, the problem is, the blog suffers to. I'm sure you have all been grinding your teeth waiting to find out what we've noticed from watching tv this week. But unfortunately lack of time means you'll have to wait a bit longer. But the DVR is safely set for the conclusion of Sunshine, Sanctuary, and an edition of Imagine tomorrow night on BBC1, focusing on why love stories resonate so much, year after year. So anyone writing one, like I am now, should definitely try to catch this.

For now, it is time to return to my temporary booth, called a Succah, where we have been eating our meals for the past week. Well, except when it is lashing it down. Which is quite often in this country. We may be nuts but we're not completely mental.


Lisa said...

As ever, looking forward to reading your views on what's on at the mo.


Lucy said...

I really like the fact you write about your faith on the blog Jez, so many people wouldn't as religion seems a dirty word these days. Judaism is something I know very little about and I've read your posts about it with interest. I found it really depressing that the Atheist bus campaign raised 15 grand so quickly: not because I'm religious (I'm not), but because I feel 15 grand would be better spent - sending it to Childline, Women's refuges, Amnesty International, Oxfam, NSPCC, etc. Whilst I'm up for free speech obviously, I wonder why this campaign is needed - I left school back in 1995 and the whole time I was at secondary there was not ONE MENTION of Christianity; we had no prayers; no assemblies; no RE lessons; nothing. Humanism has totally enveloped the UK anyway, so why do we need to waste cash sticking this juvenile msg on the side of 30 bloody buses?? But that's just my humble opinion.

Jez Freedman said...

I read about the bus campaign, and was equally disgusted. I heard it was in response to another ad campaign threatening damnation to non-believes. I think both 'sides' need to grow up, think of better ways to spend their money, and not take up the place of movie posters on the side of buses cos I like to look at them.