Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A plague on laptop houses

My laptop finally kicked the bucket. Do laptops have bucket lists? If so I cannot possibly imagine what was on mine. He's been a lazy, slow, good for nothing machine for quite a while now. But no, not good for nothing. Not entirely. As I only now realise. Oh how I miss him.

So now the search begins. Fortunately I have this cute little netbook for emails and so forth so I am not cut off from the world. But hardcore work will probably have to happen on the good ol' pen and pad until I sort out a new machine. Recommendations will be gratefully received on the understanding that this laptop hunt will be the low budget, guerrilla style, no one gets paid ever making this thing, version of laptop hunts.


mark said...

I have so many notebooks I don't know what to do with them. I take them with me wherever I go, and then two seconds after I write something in them, I forget to ever look at them again. Ever.

I guess I want to elope with my laptop. Just me. And it. And perhaps a memory stick.

laurence timms said...

When you're down at budget level it doesn't make too much difference which laptop you get. Just hunt down the best deal.

Only one thing: don't buy second-hand.

Not that I thought you might, but second-hand laptop peddlers scan the internet for 'my laptop broke' blog posts and they know where you live. Allegedly.

Jez Freedman said...

ha it's a good point laurence. don't buy second hand but also when getting rid of comps do it properly! a few years ago i thought i had wiped a machine and dumped it on a skip, only for it to turn up belonging to some bloke in hounslow who kept logging in to my AIM. it was only when he got a bit abusive with a mate of mine that we realised what had happened!

laurence timms said...

Spooky. What'd be even spookier is when you challenge this guy in Hounslow it turns out his name is Jez Freedman...and he looks just like you...and he's just landed a great writing commission...and you get home and look in the mirror and realise that you are now that man and he is you.

Whoops. Getting carried away. And been done a zillion times before, of course.