Tuesday, 7 April 2009

It was the night before Passover and all was quiet

Or not. It is the night before the Jewish festival of Passover, which kicks off tomorrow evening, but it's been anything but quiet. Passover commemorates when God took the Jewish people out of slavery in Egypt (basically see Prince of Egypt, with a few creative liberties thrown in.) And like most Jewish festivals, this one involves a lot of food. So it was an inauspicious moment for the fridge freezer to break last night. This meant running stuff round to my parents and ordering another fridge freezer that had to arrive Wednesday. Kudos to Comet then for being the only ones we could find who would guarantee next day delivery. They just better turn up now.

On to today and I wake up with a horrible head cold. But I couldn't stay in bed because I had an ultra sound to get to - which then revealed I have the makings of a hernia that will probably require surgery before it becomes a bigger problem. Well that's bloody fantastic. Really looking forward to going under the knife, but for now just gotta wait until I speak to my doctor.

Didn't think the day would get worse than that, and I suppose it didn't. But not being in the best of moods as it is, it didn't help to then find out I've been knocked out of the Kaos Feature Comp at the 2nd Round (which I naturally thought was an outrage) and would not be receiving any money from the Jewish Film Fund to make a short (another outrage.) But, through not too gritted teeth, good luck to those left in the comp and whoever gets the funding - your movie better be better than mine or I'll be after you.

So with all that going on, posting has been a little slow. I was going to write some TV reviews, but have not got round to it. I'm enjoying Channel Five's new show The Mentalist though, and just caught up on the daytime drama Missing, stripped across the BBC a few weeks ago. So I may return to talk about them at some point. And as I'm the only one on the planet who has never watched The Wire, the DVR machine has been working overtime to store them up (did BBC2 really have to show them every night!?) so I will let you know if I think it's worth the fuss when I can. I'm sure you can hardly contain yourselves.

But for now I think I am going to take some time off. Hopefully recover from the cold, sort out some other stuff, and enjoy Passover. However writers are never 'off' though really, are they? So it almost goes without saying that my Coming Up entry is done and will be in the post tomorrow, with focus now switching to the cluster**** to the Writers' Academy.

But the blog might be a bit quiet for the next couple of weeks or so. However I'm still available if any scripts need reading - just email at the usual address.

For now, keep reading scripts, keep writing them well, have a Happy Passover, and Happy Easter too!

(And I don't wanna hear about any typos in this post - cos my head is all messed up!)

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