Monday, 11 May 2009

You can read my script, but...

I've had a few enquiries from people asking to read my Ustinov winning script The Storyteller, as prep for this years competition.

A couple of general things. Firstly there is no link to it on the web, but if you email me I will send you a copy for your own personal use. The reason is that many cool, working writers, people far, far higher up the food chain than I, have always been very nice and helpful to me, especially when I have asked if I could read some of their work for analysis. It would therefore be rather disingenuous of me to refuse assistance to writers looking to get ahead in this award.

Secondly, you don't have to reassure me that you won't steal it! Having won a major competition, the script has been read by many producers, writers and agents on both sides of the Atlantic - and read out loud at the International Emmy festival! So trying to pass it off as your own would be rather silly, and you will never work again... and won't be able to anyway cos I would have hunted you down and killed you.

A final bit of advice though. I met the previous winner, Felicity Carpenter, whilst I was in New York for the Emmys. She had read my script and I was curious to see hers. The script was excellent, very original and quirky. But when you compare my script and hers, you could not find two more different pieces of work. What I am saying is, don't try and second guess what you think the judges are looking for. The best bet is to write something you are really passionate about, and just give it your all! Not very specific I know, but that is really the best piece of advice I can give.


Shane Knight said...

I'm emailing you now!!!

Sofluid said...

Great advice Jez!

May I please read your script?

My email address is

Thank youu!

Jez Freedman said...

Just a quick update - I've been a little inundated with requests, which has come as a shock, not least cos I thought just me and my mum read my blog.

But have been out all night networking - yes we writers have to do that too... a lot - but will respond to everyone in due course!