Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Stranger on a Train

Last Friday I was on the train heading to Leicester Square - and I spotted someone reading a script. I see enough of them to recognise one from afar but obviously don't see people often reading them on trains. I was curious, so after weighing up the weirdo factor, (mine not theirs) I decided to take the MP3 player off and actually talk to someone. A real person. In the flesh. Not on facebook or anything.

So we had a chat. Turns out this person is an actor. We've stayed in touch and who knows what the future holds.

It's fun this talking to people lark. Might try it more often.

Anyone else got weird, networking esque stories?


The Kid In The Front Row said...

I was on the train a few months back; and this girl got on; and she pulled a few pages from her bag; and started reading. It looked like a screenplay.

I looked up to check her out (mainly because she seemed hot, but also because it was a screenplay but mainly because she was hot)

And then I was like, oh-- wait, I recognize her! Shit, fuck, shit, fuck -- who is she? aghhh! Fuck. I saw her in something and I even know I liked her in it.

AHA! It's the girl from 'Venus!' Yes, it was; awesome, great actress. But fuck, what is her name? It was then I made my move.

"Hi, um-- you're the actress from Venus right?"

She looked up, smiled -- I think she's the kind of actress who gets this occasionally but not to often.

She was pleasant and friendly. I rambled some nonsense about something; but the problem was, we had pulled up at my station, I was clearly getting off-- but I was like aghhh, i wanna talk to her. So I gave her my card, explained what I do, and swiftly left. It was kind of cringey because I was rushed, and because I was rambling nonsense-- so I think she thought I was probably a) wannabe b) pervert c) psycho.

Problem is, maybe I am all three.

Jez Freedman said...

hahaha smooth

I seriously hope you were running late for a VERY important meeting. Otherwise - stay on the train man!