Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The International Student Film Organization: Short Film Competition

I've happily accepted another offer from the ISFO to be on the jury for their short film script competition. The competition is being run through Circalit and here are the details:

The competition aims to encourage students interested in screenwriting to publish their work on an international platform and present their skill through a short film script. One of the targets of the ISFO is the connection of the student- and professional film sector and the competition is going to give students the chance to have their work judged by experienced screenwriters and industry professionals.

This competition is hosted by The International Student Film Organization Ltd

How the winner will be selected?

All screenplays will be pre-judged by film students from all over the world on The 20 best scripts will be forwarded to a jury of industry professionals, who will give their verdict between the 27th June and 17th July.

The jury includes distinguished judges such as Catherine Shoard (The Guardian film journalist), Phillip Barron (Screenwriter), Taghi Amirani (Documentary Film Maker), Jenna Bors (Academy Award winning student film maker), Andy Baker (head of MOFILM), Jez Freedman (Screenwriter), Evan Leighton-Davis (Industrial Scripts), John Dalton (Screenwriter), Hazel Hayes (YouTube Representative) and Wendy Mitchell (Head of News of of Screen International).

PLEASE NOTE: As only the 20 top rated scripts are going to be passed on to the judges, it's going to be up to you, the author, to ask your friends to come to the Circalit website and vote for you. Scripts which have not received any votes will not have a chance of being passed on. We have decided to organise the competition this way because we feel that it is not just writing skill that makes a good screenwriter, but also the talent to promote him/herself.


The winner will receive a free copy of the Mariner Writers' Suite 7. As a runner up prize, Pauline Kiernan has kindly sponsored her book 'Screenwriting they can't resist'. The best three scripts will also be premiered on the ISFO website with the permission of the students. The 20 most popular scripts will receive comments from our distinguished jury.


-You must be a student to enter (university confirmation might be required as proof from the winners)

- You must be a member of the ISFO (eg have signed up for our free newsletter)

- All screenplays must be between three and five pages long

- The story should be freestanding

- The screenplay can be of any genre

- All work must be original

- The deadline is the 12th June 2011

- By entering this competition, you register on the ISFO mailing list.

- By entering this competition, you grant the ISFO permission to access your name, email address and city of residence for the purposes of identifying entrants.

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