Sunday, 4 September 2011

Back to work people - short courses to look out for in September

I'm back - safe and sound - it's September, and as ever, things are ready to kick back into gear. On that note, there are three courses coming up that I want to tell you about. Generally speaking, I'm not a big fan of short courses. I think they promise more than they deliver and are usually quite expensive.

But I met Alan Denman about eight years ago at the old London Screenwriters Workshop when I attended a course he gave about the Hero's Journey. It was an early step on the road to becoming a screenwriter. Alan splits his time between London and LA, doing what most of us are still working towards. And he's here in London giving three courses over the next month.

September 10-11: FROM PAGE TO PRODUCTION. For writers and producers - learn how to produce your own screenplay.

September 14: BREAKING INTO HOLLYWOOD. An evening seminar for those wanting to kickstart a career in LA.

September 17-18: GET IT SOLD, GET IT MADE. How to write scripts that will attract producers and financiers.

Click on the links for more info about Alan and the courses - and go to You Tube for a series by Alan called the Screenwriters Salon for an idea of what you'll get at the courses.

I should be at Breaking into Hollywood so if you decide to join me, come say hi.

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