Monday, 20 May 2013

Pears Short Film Fund

Every year the UK Jewish Film Festival gives away two grants of 10K each for 2 short films. This year, one of the those grants was given to friend and client Dave Herman. I read his script and really liked it, and I was made up for him when I found out he'd won.

But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly more excited by the fact that the other grant was bagged by... me.

The script is called The Funeral, and although I'm obviously not going to be giving away too many details at this stage, so far the team includes director Nick Green and the guiding hand of my boss at Viva Films, John Goldschmidt who will Exec Produce along with me.

We're in full Pre-Production mode and other members of the team, and of course cast, will hopefully be attached in the next few weeks, ready to shoot in July.

Something that has already been really useful to me is Danny Stack's advice, both on and off his blog, about the things he learnt whilst making Origin.

So of course I will try to do the same, as and when I can, because after all that's the whole point of blogs and a screenwriting community.

The film will premier at the Jewish Film Festival in November.

Everyone hold onto their hats...

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

New Screenwriting Websites

A couple of new websites have been created that I think are well worth a look for any up and coming screenwriter.
Run by Aaron Hubbard, it's a really simple but very interesting concept. Just interviews with UK scriptwriters. That's it. No ego, no self, no rambling on about dead prime ministers. Just a chat with someone doing the same thing we are, struggling with the same problems, finding different solutions, etc.
Created by Jason McKinnon, this looks like a monster of a site. I've only had a quick look around it so far but it seems like it has the makings of a great screenwriting resource.
Check them out