Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Screenwriters Festival Launch Event

Well I was going to do a report about the launch event last night, which was super fun, but kudos to Jason, who left the pub later than I, but who still obviously managed to get up considerably earlier (And I don't even drink!)

So check out his post as I don't have much to add to that!

The one thing I will say rather smugly, is that David Thompson said pretty much exactly what I wrote about here.

I still believe that there is something in the British psyche that makes us reluctant to create upbeat stories, that for some reason we feel serious stories are a nobler art form. David noted that critics should share the blame for this, often seemingly relishing the opportunity to lambast the latest British comedy, but that writers too can learn to appreciate that comedy is the highest form of art.

Again, I want to stress that there is of course room for serious drama, but in these dark days of recession, what do most audiences want to see and feel when they go to the cinema?

Finally, congrats to all who put on the event last night and good luck for the preparations for what will no doubt be a fantastic festival in October.

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