Friday, 9 January 2009

Working Title Films Action 2009

Action! 2009, a training programme from Working Title has been launched and applications are now being accepted. This is a great opportunity for anyone trying to break into the film industry! This programme will give the successful candidates first hand knowledge of how an international production company operates and the practicalities of film making.

Working Title Films’ Action! Programme invites outstanding individuals seeking a career in film to apply for 3 one-year positions at our London office. We are looking for hard working and resourceful candidates, able to demonstrate the ambition and drive necessary to make the most of this unique opportunity. Successful applicants will have basic office experience, appropriate to entry level opportunities, and be able to express themselves with excellent verbal and written communication skills.

You must be available to work on a full-time basis, Monday to Friday, from June 2009 for a year, and to attend interviews in London in April and May 2009. Bursaries of £14,000 will be awarded to successful candidates, and if you don’t live in London, additional discretionary funds may be available to help with your relocation costs. Reasonable, pre-approved travel expenses to and from London for the selection process will be reimbursed.

Our aim is to improve your opportunities for a career in film by giving you:
  • First hand knowledge of how an international production company operates.
  • Hands on experience in finding and developing scripts.
  • Exposure to the development and production process from the first idea to the big screen.
  • Insight into the practicalities of film-making as well as learning how to nurture creative talent.
  • A range of industry contacts and help with future opportunities
How to apply for ACTION!


Use the questionnaire to tell us about yourself and your passion for film.
Tell us about any office experience you have gained whether relevant to the film industry or not. Include your current job if you have one
Apply Early so that we have time to assess your application.
Let your passion for film show through


Send your application via Royal Mail. This year applications will ONLY be accepted via the internet unless you have special permission from the ACTION! Co-ordinator.
Send showreels, scripts, etc. along with your application. Additional materials received with the application will be destroyed without being viewed or read
Call our office to check if your application has been received. If you have completed the application correctly you will receive a confirmation email .
Send your application at the last minute.

Closing date is Feb 20th 2009

Apply now

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