Saturday, 18 December 2010

Always the bridesmaid

Here's how the conversation went.
Me - "Mum, I didn't win but I got shortlisted for the Red Planet Prize."
Mum - "Again?"
Me - "Yeah I get to go to the workshop and stuff."
Mum - "You did that last time."
Me - "Yeah, but... There were like over 1500 entries and I got into the top 20 or so."
Mum - "Very nice."

Although I've made my mum out to sound like a typical Jewish mother who'd rather I'd been a doctor, it's a very large injustice. To be fair she was actually made up for me but she is so desperate for her baby boy to do well there was a certain de ja vu about this news. I can't deny I was equally desperate to go one better this time. But in the cold light of day, I'm really proud of getting this close again. I hope it demonstrates a consistency in my writing and I'm looking forward to another trip to Flitwick in the New Year.

Who's with me??


Rob said...

Congratulations, Jez.

I'm with you. Hopefully see you there!

Jez Freedman said...

excellent! congrats

Janice Okoh said...

Well done. JLS and Olly Murs were bridesmaids and look at them! You just don't know what opportunity this will get you. Bet you'll go further this time.

Jez Freedman said...

I seriously had to google those names

Janice Okoh said...

ha ha! too funny

Martyn Deakin said...

Wow, congratulations for getting so far again Jez. I was one of those who got through to the next round but not to the mentoring stage so i should be jealous but i'm really chuffed for you - nice one!!!!!


Jez Freedman said...

cheers martyn. and well done making the first cut - no mean feat. better luck next year

davidmelkevik said...

I hear you.

I have this weekly phone call with my Dad.

Dad - "Any news on the film?"
Me - "No."
Dad - "It's taking a long time."
Me - "Yeah."

Same conversation, every Sunday for the last 52 weeks.

Hopefully one Sunday it will go like this.

Dad - "Any news on the film?"
Me - "Yeah, it got made and I won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Didn't I tell you...?"
Dad - "No."
Me - "Sorry. My bad."