Friday, 10 July 2009


Commiserations to all those who did not make it to the CBBC masterclass. There seems to be some people who have had an email and some who haven't. God bless the Writersroom but turning around over 700 scripts in a week was probably a mightier task then they anticipated and some confusion is understandable. Credit to them for doing it so quickly in the first place as most comps take months and months.

But anyway, what I really came on here to say was massive congratulations to my friend Matt Sinclair for making it through. As some will recall he did the notes on the Q&A for us, and was clearly paying very close attention! Hopefully we'll get the inside scoop on the masterclass now too.

Well done mate, good luck in the next stage. It's a fantastic achievement for you personally and dare I say, another little success for our writers group as a whole!


Congratulations to former Peter Ustinov Winner Felicity Carpenter for also being invited to the Masterclass!


Julia Smith said...

So is he going to the workshop referred to below? Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Well done Matt! However I do think it was the fist-bumping that swung it for him...

Jez Freedman said...

dave - no doubt in my mind whatsoever

julia - not sure which workshop you're referring to but Matt will be attending the masterclass with the 19 other writers chosen - and if we're all very nice to him hopefully he'll tell us all the juicy details