Sunday, 26 July 2009

Rise Summer Challenge

Nah I didn't win it. Finally got this email from them:

Dear Summer Challenge Entrant,

We are writing to inform you that script has not been selected to progress to the next round of The Summer Challenge. This has been the first year of The Summer Challenge and the response far exceeded our expectations - having received over 1,000 submissions. Out of these, we can only select one winner.

Even though your script has not been selected, the decision was not necessarily a reflection on the quality of your screenplay. We received a diverse range of material, each with their own merits. Ultimately, with such a wide selection, we have to choose a project which we will be able to realistically produce in the best possible way.

With how much work goes into writing a script we have a great deal of respect for you for submitting your work. Having a good idea is just the beginning, committing to writing it and then finishing it is no small task. That's why we were so grateful to have received over 1,000. There are other production companies who may be able to realise your vision, so keep persevering with your project.

Due to our limited resources, we are sorry that we are unable to give any feedback on any of the entries. We hope to be running a similar competition in the near future. Thank you for your efforts and good luck in all your future endeavours,

The Summer Challenge Team


Fair do. People were getting these emails some months back so I guess I'm pleased to have hung on in there for this long! My submission (way back last September) was an early draft of a script that I now feel is much improved and has had some interest from elsewhere. So could be a blessing in disguise. Good luck to everyone left in the comp. Surely it can't be long now until they actually announce a winner!

Word of advice to the good people at Rise. A phone call to Red Planet or Kaos Films woulda told them how many submissions to expect. In fact I even emailed them when the comp was announced to ask if they wanted me to read any submissions. At the time they said they were waiting to see how many came in - and I replied that it will be around the 1000 mark!

Also, maybe next time there can be things like rounds (a la Kaos) or shortlists (a la Red Planet)
Feedback with massive numbers like this is never possible but little things like knowing how far you got, out of how many, etc, can help boost confidence and motivation for lonely, insecure writers such as... myself.


Anonymous said...

bad luck. any word from coming up yet? it says on their website that they'll let people know mid-july - but these production companies are often late, aren't they?

Jez Freedman said...

cheers anon. I haven't heard anything about coming up - which either means I've not been successful, or like you say, there has been another delay.

I do wish that companies would update their websites a bit more just to put us in the picture.

but if anyone has heard about coming up tell us!

Antonia said...

Hard luck, but good positive thinking from you.

Jez Freedman said...

thanks antonia

Anonymous said...

I've just recieved the same Email!! Nearly a year later. Not heard from 'Coming Up' either yet. Lets keep our fingers crossed for that. Best Wishes Micky

Jez Freedman said...

bad luck micky, better luck next year - if rise are brave enough to run it again!

Anonymous said...

I had the same email recently. It's tough for writers who's life is not long enough for all this waiting from competitions and agents. And I know how you feel. Being a writer can be lonely with no support for disappointments.

Jez Freedman said...

oh dear. bad luck. got to say this is a bit of a weird way to run a comp and inform writers etc. i just hope they find what they are looking for, which will still be amazing for whoever does eventually win, and they go on to make a fantastic movie which was worth waiting for...

Anonymous said...

With regard to the Rise Films 'Summer Challenge' I keep hoping, after nearly a year without having heard anything, that 'no news is good news' but after hearing from so many other people in the same boat I'm now starting to think it's all just gone wrong.

I did chase things up in April and on 1st May I received this response:

"I'm sorry for the incredibly long wait. Due to the large amount of screenplays we received we haven't picked a winner as of yet. We are about to finalise a short-list but because we have more people involved in the reading its taking some time to coordinate everyone's schedule and come up with it. We have sent out one elimination email already so if you haven't received one your probably still in the running. Thank you for your patience. Manu"

I found the word 'probably' a bit worrying at the time, now I'm starting to really think that although receipt of my manuscript was acknowledged almost a year ago now could it have somehow slipped through the net and not even been looked at. Imagine that !

Does anyone have any updated news on this Summer Challenge and its possible outcome/ongoing issues ?